In Seattle, five major factions - groups of vampires who have united under a single banner - are all vying for control. Each with their own history, characteristics, and motivations. It will be up to you to decide who to join, cross, or pit against each other - but know that your choices will carry consequences.


The Tremere have been historically kept out of Seattle - until Prince Cross suddenly allowed them access to the University District territory. Nobody seems to know quite what led the warlocks to make the journey from Europe to the far edge of America. Given the Camarilla's generosity, it's likely they paid a high price to enter the city. What that price was, no one's quite sure.

"I realize that there are many in Seattle who will disparage you from associating with us. We're a threat to their stability - the inevitable pressure that changes the way the city's blood flows."

- Elif Parmak, right hand of Viktor Goga


It’s said that the Tremere clan knows more about the true potential of Kindred blood than any other. Founded by blood mages, recruiting from and hunting in the University, the Newcomers are easily Seattle’s most learned Kindred faction. Lately their ranks have swollen with occultists, scholars, college students, runaways, and more than a few defectors from the other factions.

The Pyramid

The Faction’s charismatic leader, “Professor” Viktor Goga offers any vampire who would join him safe access to blood in one of the city’s richest hunting grounds, a spot in a rapidly progressing organization - and a promise of something greater. Those with talent can rise to the top quickly.

Already, the Baron views Goga’s operation as his most dangerous competition. Though conflict is on the horizon, the Newcomers' star keeps rising. Alluring, confident, visionary; they offer opportunity and risk in equal measure.

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