Paradox Interactive and Bloodlines 2 bring you Vein Pursuit, a new tabletop role-playing game vampire chronicle preceding the events of the game. 

Bloodlines 2 takes place in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, the iconic pen-and-paper game that lets you experience the rich universe of the Kindred, in all of its grit and majesty. The Vein Pursuit chronicle offers viewers a glimpse into events occurring before the plot of Bloodlines 2, narrated by World of Darkness Brand Editor and V5 developer Karim Muammar. Starring members of Paradox Interactive, the Bloodlines 2 development team and exciting guests, this group of Kindred will take on a perilous mission, relying on their unique skills and attributes as much as the roll of the dice to survive.


A group of couriers; some of the most badass Kindred of Los Angeles, has been sent on the perilous journey from Los Angeles to Seattle, tasked with delivering precious and secret cargo to a vampire in the Emerald City. What the couriers don't realize is that betrayal lurks in their midst. However, this isn’t their story.

Vein Pursuit follows the perilous journey of the rag-tag band of Kindred who've been sent to save the couriers of the Anarch Free State and see the cargo safely north. On this journey through the backcountry of the West Coast, through deserts and mountains, all their wits and resolve will be tested. Time is running out - it’s going to be a hell of a ride!


Follow the journey of the coterie of Kindred starring players out of Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs teams, as well as fan-favorite streamer Outstar

All episodes of the campaign will stream weekly on starting January 31st, 2020, and become available for replay on the World of Darkness Youtube channel.



  • Karim Muammar as the Storyteller
  • Florian Schwarzer as Falk Meyer
  • Outstar as Veronica Ivanova
  • Malin Castegren as Camellia
  • Debbie Lane as Margaret "Peggy" Randall
  • Rachel Leiker as Della Pearson